The original TF-QuickChange Screen System is the most efficient, versatile and cost effective screen system. It is available in the standardtype CLASSIC and the new type META.

The TF-QuickChange Screen System offers two major advantages compared to conventional screens:

  • It simplifies screen preparation by avoiding the need for adhesives, fabric stretchers and hand finishing.
  • It speeds up screen changes by avoiding the need for position adjustment.

By using innovative design, prefabricated components and simple jigs (not necessary for the META type), the screen preparation process has been reduced from several hours to only a few minutes – even with minimal skills! 
The system is suitable for all screen printing machines, including linear or rotary multi-color machines and single color machines and for printing any cylindrical, conical, flat or oval products.


Compared with conventional screens, the TF-QuickChange Screen System offers numerous advantages including:

  • Screen change time is greatly reduced and can be achieved in as littleas one to two minutes even without specialized skills.
  • Preparation time is greatly reduced, as no time is lost waiting for adhesives to dry. Normal preparation time is 5 to 6 minutes.
  • As the system uses no adhesives, no screen stretcher is needed. There is no waste of fabric and minimal time for recovering frames.
  • The high precision of the frames means that finer screen fabrics can be used. Using finer fabrics means lower color consumption as well as better controlled ink deposit.
  • Lightweight aluminium screen frames reduce load on machine bearings and improve color to color registration and allow higher decorating speeds.
  • Better control of screen fabric tension assures better print consistency and longer screen life.
  • Suitable for thermo plastic glass enamels, cold paste enamels, thermo plastic organic inks with screen temperatures up to 95° C and the new generation of UV inks.
  • No metal to glass contact and reduced risk of breakages.
  • Maximum coverage. Frame and screen design allows stencil to be very close to edge of frame.
  • Screen fabric tension can be adjusted to suit shape of substrate.
  • Interchangeability of screens across different types of machines.
  • Nearly perfect electrical insulation.

The experts at our branches will be happy to answer your questions.

Herta Kruse
Branch Munich
Project Manager - TF-Quick Change-Sreens
Herta Kruse