We offer coated screens and print-ready stencils for your screen printing application.

Screens were manufactured in fully climatized production and clean rooms.

Modern screen coating units (frame size: 1.250 x 2.000 mm) for applying precise emulsion thicknesses. 

Available coating materials: 

  • Emulsions (Diazo, Diazo-UV-Polymer, SPQ)
  • capillary films
  • combinations of films and emulsions
  • pre-coated fabrics

Exposure of stencils (frame size: 1.500 x 2.100 mm) can be offered with the foolwing curing technologies:

  • MH lamps
  • LED
  • Computer-to-Screen

The experts at our branches will be happy to answer your questions.

Thomas Lindner
Branch Leipzig
Branch Manager
Thomas Lindner
Fabian Hausler
Branch Munich
Branch Manager - Screen Printing Technician
Fabian Hausler
Emre Ünsal
Branch Hildesheim
Stencil Service - Screen Printing Technician
Emre Ünsal